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Books Beyond Bars


Books Beyond Bars…Why I started this program.  

By Dr. Willie Jolley


This program is focused on helping people in prison realize they can transform their lives by transforming their thinking! I want them to believe that their setback is nothing but a setup for a greater comeback! I seek to help change the lives of incarcerated individuals, and help them become more productive citizens, thereby reducing the rate of recidivism.

Over the years, we have received numerous letters from people in prison, as well as communication from their family members who have asked for copies of my book, A Setback Is A Setup For A Comeback. We responded to the requests, but did not have a long-term strategy to aid them in their personal development. But one day I had an experience that changed my perspective…

I was working out at a different gym, attempting to do sit ups. One of the staff trainers came by and observed that I was not doing the sit ups to get the maximum impact. He demonstrated the correct form. I thanked him and asked him his name. “Larry” was his reply. He then asked me my name. And when I said “Willie Jolley” he looked as if he had seen a ghost. “Willie Jolley, the author?” “Yes” I said. He then asked if he could speak with me privately.

I followed him to the staff office where he quickly closed the door and started crying! He shared that he had been in jail for a crime he did not commit. He said he was depressed and ready to commit suicide, when his mother sent him a copy of my book, A Setback Is A Setup For A Comeback. He said that the book gave him hope and encouragement!

He started believing in himself again and then decided to pursue becoming a certified physical trainer. He even began working on getting his case reopened. He was eventually certified as a personal trainer. And a short time later, his case was reviewed. He was proven to be innocent and released from prison. He said he never thought he would meet Willie Jolley and get a chance to say “thanks!”  

Wow! I was blown away, and believe that was confirmation that God was moving me to get this book into more prisons to do what Jesus taught in Matthew 25:36 “to help those in prison!” To inspire those in prison and encourage them that “a person’s past does not equal their future!”

The purpose of Books Beyond Bars is to encourage, inspire, motivate and transform the lives of individuals who find themselves, in what may appear to be, a hopeless predicament.

Our first goal is to print copies of the book, A Setback Is A Setup For A Comeback, in the required format as dictated by the Department of Justice, and get them into every prison in America!