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Youth Leadership Development Program


The purpose of The Jolley Good News Youth Leadership Development Program is to encourage, inspire, motivate and direct the lives of youth and young adults to focus on leadership development, violence prevention, drug and alcohol prevention, academic excellence, building self-esteem, becoming peer empowers and positive life skills.

This program is designed to help young people who are making negative life choices to change their thinking and help them chose positive directions. And it is also designed to help young people who are doing well, to continue and to become more empowered in their paths to success. Our goal is to help young people, (especially at-risk youth) see themselves as future leaders and then become what they see!

Our first goal is to get Dr. Willie Jolley’s Youth Motivational DVD, Dare 2 Dream Dare 2 Win…into every school and juvenile justice facility in America!


Student and Parent Testimonials


Mr. Jolley,


Today, I was a student watching your program at Linganore High School, expecting some dumb program that makes a feel like babies or that is downright boring, but yours really inspired me.

What you said really did inspire me. It made me rethink choices that I was starting to make, it made me think about what friends were negative.

Your assembly also changed my friends for the better. One of my best guy friends was being pressured into drugs, and needed something to wake him up, and you did it for him. Also my best friend was going down the wrong path, hurting herself, making wrong choices, like the kinds that would destroy her dreams. I believe that your motivational speaking has helped her, and is going to stay with her.

I feel like if I think I can do it, then I can. I know what I need to do, and what I need to stay away from to be successful."

-A. Albright

Hello Mr. Jolley- I go to Kubasaki High School I really enjoyed your message. I’m going to be honest. At first I thought it was just going to be another "You can do it" speech, but it wasn’t. It was more than that. I've listened to many motivational tapes, CDs, movies, and speeches, but yours just had something more. It seemed as if you weren't speaking because you had to but because you love to. The money that you get from it seems like a "perk”. I want to take the time to thank you for spending an hour of your time to change the rest of my life. That's all it took. My parents, family, friends, and teachers all try to give me advice. They may have said the same thing you did but the way you put it really made me think. You really did change my life!"

-Raheem Rhem-Reddick



A Powerful Letter From A Parent!


Dear Mr. Jolley

I am writing to say WOW!

I was invited to hear you speak at TJ High in Frederick last week. I was in the audience for the 7:50 a.m. presentation, sitting next to the group of kids you asked to stay after the talk--the ones you brought onstage and spoke to personally.

While your talk was great, it was this one act that knocked me out.
 I literally got goosebumps because what I saw before me, as I watched those kids gathered around you, was their lives change. Suddenly, this bunch of kids went from disinterest to interest to a belief in possibilities.

One of the kids who went onstage had been sitting right next to me. He didn't want to appear too interested as he listened to your talk, but when you asked questions that required kids to raise their hands, he raised his fingers a millimeter. And when the audience applauded, he did too, though out of the sight of his friends. So when he went up to meet you...and you handed out those books...and you shook their hands...As I said, goosebumps. WOW!"

-B. Conde, A Mom who is now A Willie Jolley BFF